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Five Weeks

Here we are, week five of Eve's life.  After the inital flush of confusion and excitement, Tyler is not quite sure why his life has changed.  He loves his sister, kisses her every time he sees her, points to her to let us know when she is crying, and brings her blanket to her.  But he is definitely more moody.  He gets really upset when he doesn't get his way, and it seems that the terrible twos may have descended early.  This is rough on his parents, who were spoiled by his wonderful ways before Eve was born.  We are not quite sure the best way to handle it... Read more »

What was labor like?

I figured she would be early or on time...I mean, her brother was born on his due date and the second is always faster, right?  Ten days after she was due, we finally induced.  I can't say I was thrilled about it.  I had heard bad things about Petocin and how intense it makes the labor.  But my mother had already extended her trip, I was swelling like a balloon, and we would have to induce by day 14 anyway.  

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The First Blog

Our cool friend Wilbur created this site for us, because he is awesome.  Don't you wish you had a Wilbur?

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